Can I Switch From Air Conditioning To a Heat Pump and Vice Versa

If you are moving to a new house especially one where the gas furnace is connected to an air conditioner, the gas bill for house heating can be so high. The idea of replacing the ac unit with a heat pump is therefore feasible so as to cut down on the costs.

According to experts, it is advisable that you replace both the ac and the furnace because in this way, you will save much more in power costs. Replacing the ac alone may not have a much significant impact because you will only be using half of the heat pump capacity.

The factor that you need to consider first is the electricity costs. This is because a heat pump mainly runs on electricity as opposed to gas. If your electricity rates are high or you have tiered usage rates then the switch may not be one of the best options. You will find yourself spending much more than you had earlier imagined.

The replacement or switch from an ac to a heat pump is pretty much straightforward. Heat pumps mainly consist of two parts; the heat pump located outside the building and the air handler which is positioned inside the building. The outside heat pump resembles an ac only that it runs in both directions pumping heat into and out of the house. Inside the house, the air handler unit has filters, fans and controls.

The installation may take a couple of days because of some ducting changes brought about by differences in size between the ac and the heat pump. Where the unit is placed in the attic, the ducts may have to be re-routed so as to fit in well.

Professionals in the HVAC industry recommend that you do the following:

Conduct Home Heating Inspection

This is the first step when contemplating how to switch from air conditioning to a heat pump. You can notify your local utility to come and put a blower at your front door so that it can measure draft loses. Using specialized equipments, the professionals will take thermal images that will reveal any insulation gaps. The images will also show the numbers you need for costing and sizing. Using the report generated after the inspection, you can then figure out the best options available. You might be surprised to find that the solution is as simple as caulking against drafts or even adding insulation to the attic.

Consider a Geothermal Unit

If you must install a heat pump, a geothermal unit may then be a feasible option. Even though it means that you have to drill holes in the landscaping, dig trenches throughout the flower beds and engage in other peripheral activities, installing a geothermal unit is one of the best solutions because they are efficient. These units tap to the underground temperature because it is much more stable than the outside temperatures. This makes it possible to fine tune these geothermal units so as to run in the narrow range rather than cope with the 100 degree swings from spring to winter.

Look for Rebates

Rebates help you to lower the costs involved in switching from the ac to the heat pump. Many states in the US including Florida have programs that finance such switches with low or no cost loans and rebates.

Factoring all this into mind before doing the switch will make the process much simpler and easy to undertake.

Palmbeach Air Conditioning Technician

The best time to call for a repair of your air conditioner is before it breaks down. This, of course, is not always possible. Your AC unit may break down unexpectedly, and if it happens during one of the hottest days of the year, you may need to have an emergency repair. There are times when the temperatures can rise to levels that can be dangerous. This is especially true for the young and the elderly. If this should happen to you, a Palmbeach HVAC Technician can be dispatched to your home quickly. Emergency repairs for air conditioning are given the highest priority.

If, however, your AC unit has not broken down completely but is giving you problems, call a Palmbeach HVAC Technician. There are problems that will lead to a complete breakdown that can be fixed today and prevent an emergency from developing. Common problems associated with air conditioners are the time it takes to cool a room. Often people will notice that it simply takes more time to get cool. Another problem is with the temperature of the air. The AC will turn on, but it will never turn off. The air is simply not cold enough to cool down a room to the desired temperature.

Professional AC Techinician

The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

People usually don’t think about their air conditioning unit unless there is a problem, but the truth is, an AC unit needs maintenance. This type of maintenance should be done once a year. A Palmbeach air conditioning technician can visit your home or business and inspect your AC unit for wear on critical components. There are also maintenance service that can be performed on your AC system that will decrease the chance that the system will break down. Different models of air conditioning units will have various maintenance requirements, but all of them will have certain areas that need servicing.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Certain components of a AC unit will start to wear to the point where it will work in the spring time, but when the hotter days of summer arrive, the system will be under more stress and the component will break down. Palmbeach AC technicians are knowledgeable about which components, in which models of AC systems, to focus on. Having your air conditioning system serviced in this manner is no different from having a car serviced before going on a big trip. This big trip for an air conditioning system will obviously be the summer time, and the time for servicing the system is in the late winter or early spring.

Maintenance not only helps prevent breakdowns, but it also will help maintain your AC system in optimal operating condition. This keeps your utility bills at their minimum for your particular system. A poorly performing AC unit will use more power than is necessary and cost more money to operate than it should. Another important aspect of maintenance is that a professional technician will be able to let you know when the time comes to replace the old system. Even when maintained in optimal condition, an AC system will lose some of its efficiency over time. In addition, the new AC models will have greater efficiency than your model had when it was first purchased. At some point, it will save enough money on utility bills to buy a new AC unit. When the time comes for this, the same Palmbeach Air Conditioning Technician than repairs and maintains your AC system can install a new one for you.

Improve the Quality of Air by Cleaning Your Air Ducts

A wise man once said that if it is in your ducts, it’s definitely in your lungs. Dust and other particles normally gather in the ducts and filter system over time even in a house where the air filter is replaced on a regular basis. This usually results in decreased air quality and performance of the system. There are times when moisture can form in the system which creates an ideal environment for growth of mold and other potentially hazardous living things.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

When Should You Consider Cleaning Air Ducts?

Duct cleaning is very important as it usually improves energy efficiency of the HVAC systems, increases their lifespan and also helps you save money by lowering utility bills. You should consider having them cleaned when: There is visible substantial mold growth inside various hard surfaces like sheet metal or on other parts of the cooling and heating system. When the ducts are infested with rodents, insects or any other type of verminWhen there are excessive amounts of debris, dust and other particles clogging the ducts.

Key Groups That Benefit From Cleaning Air Ducts

Cleaning the air ducts helps to improve quality of air tremendously. Although everyone benefits from the clean air, some of the key groups that it is most beneficial to include:

Children- children and infants are more susceptible to indoor pollutants and dust mostly due to the time that they spend near or on the floor of the house. Cleaning the ducts helps to create a new environment to welcome newborns home to fresh air. Children who suffer from asthma and allergies also get healthier air to breathe in.

Elderly- poor air quality in the house can have direct and adverse effects on the elderly persons. Cleaning the ducts provides comfort and leads to decreased fatigue for the elderly to enjoy their stay in the home more.
Immunocompromised persons- these are persons suffering from cystic fibrosis, undergoing chemotherapy or have gone through organ transplant. Cleaning the ducts makes the air healthier and fresh for breathing. It reduces bacteria and allergens that result in common illnesses. The process is also important for decreasing mold presence that can cause dangerous infections.

Pets- most veterinarians often advice people to improve quality of air for their pets; this is because pets are usually susceptible to various allergens as they play on the ground. This makes them healthier and more comfortable making them happy and you also get reduced trips to the vet.

You don’t have to go through the process of cleaning the ducts on your own as there are professionals who have specialized in this. All you have to do is look for a reputable firm that will do a great job without any complications. The professionals should come with all the necessary tools that are needed to make the work run smoothly. If possible, you can get reference from someone they have worked with before to be on the safe side. Always make sure that they have the necessary licenses and explain the procedures well so that you can know what is going on.

AC Tune Up and its Importance

Getting reliable and professional AC repair Palm beach services is very important in ensuring quality AC Tune up. Many people ignore AC Tune without knowing its importance. Although it appears simple, this proactive step can help in saving your money and time. Professional provider of tune up services will check, adjust, reset or even modify your AC to the original factory setting. This implies that hiring tune up services will leave your AC unit as good as when you bought it. Currently, there are many providers of AC tune services in Palm beach. However, you have to know what exactly is involved in AC tune up so that you can choose the right service provider.
Importance of AC Tune Up

What Should be Entailed in Quality AC Tune Up

A good provider of AC repair Palmbeach services should be determined to deliver quality tune up. As such, their services should include measuring airflow of the AC system. This is very important as it ensures efficiency and appropriate capacity. It include measuring the static pressure, temperature drop, checking duct traverse and tru-flow air meter. Quality AC tune up should also include adjusting the refrigerant charge as well as measuring outdoor and indoor conditions. The condenser should also be cleaned with a quality cleanser to ensure clean air in a home. To get quality AC tune up that will result to the desired results, hire services of an experienced professional. Look for a professional technician who has been offering AC repair services in Palmbeach for a long time. The best service provider is the one who has delivered satisfying services to the highest number of customers.

Why Get Quality Tune Up Services

Just like your vehicle or major appliances in your home, your AC require regular maintenance. Continued use of AC unit results to wear and tear of some parts. Some people claim that air conditioners break down without warning signs. This is because they do not carry regular maintenance on their units. Having an experienced professional to perform a regular tune up on your AC will not only save you time and money, but it will also ensure comfort of your family members throughout the year. With quality tune up services, you will be able to prolong the life important parts of the entire air conditioning system. Evaporator fan, condenser and compressor are some of the AC unit parts whose life can be prolonged by hiring quality and professional tune up services. A professional who has been delivering repair services for a long time is knowledgeable about different parts of AC unit. They are knowledgeable about various guidelines for repairing and maintaining each part. As such, they can split the entire AC unit into parts even the most complex models and perform proper maintenance. This way, your unit will be left in the best condition possible. Therefore, to avoid inconveniences that may result from breaking down of your AC unit without a warning, take a proactive step by hiring services of an experienced professional technician. Also ensure that you have contacts of a provider of quality AC repair Palmbeach services so that you can contact them whenever necessary.

Enjoy Comfortable Climate at Florida City using our AC Repair Service

AC repair Palm beach services are very important in ensuring comfort of your family. Palm beach has comfortable living environment but temperature variation during winters and summers can affect this comfort. Perhaps, you may be experiencing problems with your AC and you do not know whether you need repair services. You may not know the important role played by your AC unit until when it fail to function one day. To avoid the challenge of looking for a professional provider of repair services, you should know when is the right time to call a professional technician.

Palm Beach Air Conditioning Repair

When to call a professional provider of AC repair Palm beach services

Do you keep experiencing problems with your AC? Is your AC unable to control temperatures in your home like it used to do when it was installed? If you experience such problems, then you need repair services. It is important to note that though some problems might appear minor, the get worse when they are not rectified on time. As such, regardless of the nature of the problem you are experiencing with your AC do not wait for it to get out of hands. Preventative approach is the best way of ensuring that you get maximum benefits from your AC. The best way of ensuring that your AC is always giving your the best is by having a regular maintenance schedule. Make sure that you have a technician visiting your home regularly. This way, they will detect any problem in advance and come up with an appropriate solution for it. However, if your AC unit start producing unusual noise, then that could be a warning that there is an impending problem on the unit. In that case, contact a professional provider of repair services before the problem escalate.

Why call a professional provider of AC repair Palm beach services

A professional technician will detect the problem on your AC unit and recommend appropriate solution. Always remember that what may start as a negligible problem that may be almost unnoticeable can eventually become a major problem that might even stop the entire unit from functioning. When you contact a professional technician they will spit such a problem correctly and deal with it appropriately preventing unnecessary breakdowns. AC units are turned on for long hours to keep homes warm or cool. If they are not maintained properly they end up breaking down without a warning. This is why regular visits of a technician to check your AC unit are very important. When you have regular services of a professional technician your air duct will always be kept clean. This is very important because dirty air duct are fertile grounds on which bacteria can breed. A clogged air duct can also cause pollution to the indoor air affecting its quality. Today, many homeowners are taking a preventative approach to avoid bad air quality in their homes. With a preventative approach you also avoid incurring expensive cost of repairing an AC unit that is not functioning at all. Therefore, have contact of a professional provider of AC repair Palm beach services to ensure that you enjoy the comfort of Florida maximumly.

Key role of HVAC system in hospital


Healthcare centers consist of many environments, which include public areas, intensive care units, operating rooms, soiled-laundry rooms, sterilization facilities and neonatal-care units. The air around these areas contains chemical contaminants that impact the well being of patients and staff members. HVAC systems are used to keep out these contaminants from spreading from one area of the hospital to another, while keeping the air fresh.


For instance:

1. Nurseries, intensive care units, operating rooms and protective-environment rooms should always be at a positive pressure with respect to the surroundings.

2. Tuberculosis isolation and other airborne-infection-isolation rooms should always be at a negative pressure with respect to the surroundings.

3. Soiled-laundry, sterilization and autopsy rooms should have vents installed towards the outside.

In addition to maintaining the air pressure in different spaces in the hospital, HVAC systems are also important in controlling humidity. Humidity is a critical factor if the hospital is to maintain a consistent therapeutic environment.

Here are some of things to consider:

  1. Temperatures in pediatric-surgery units are mostly kept at 86°F.
  2. Treatment rooms meant for those with burn injuries are mostly kept at a temperature of 90 percent.
  3. Temperatures in nursery suites are typically kept between 75 and 80°F.

Modernly designed hospitals are built with a tight envelope to ensure resources are utilized well. This ensures that little to no air from the outside enters spaces meant for patients. HVAC systems are very important when it comes to regulating this air.

Functions of HVAC system in hospital

Energy Efficiency

HVAC systems are used to regulate the amount of heat going in and out of pipes, ducts and equipment housings. There will be consistent air temperature from one source to its destination which reduces the amount of energy wasted. In case of Condensation Control, Condensation in pipe and duct surfaces can lead to infection and microbial-control issues. For this reason, it is very important to cool this equipment to prevent contamination. HVAC systems are able to control condensation and will contribute greatly to the solution.

For hospital environments such as operating rooms where temperature should be maintained at 75°F or lower, it will be wise to insulate ducts, pipes and other surfaces that are at risk of condensation. Patients in hospitals may have their sleeping patterns compromised due to anxiety, pain and adjustment to the new environment. Excess noise will only make things worse as patients are likely to experience stress, insomnia and high blood pressure. HVAC systems are very important to health care facilities but the fact that they can add to this unwanted noise is very saddening. However, modern systems come with low-velocity airflow, centralized equipment plants and large duct sections. This helps reduce the noise, giving patients a little peace.

Fiber Glass HVAC systems

Fiber glass HVAC systems come in handy in more ways than one. Whether you look at it from an acoustical or thermal perspective, fiberglass is simply the most cost-effective air conditioning solution. Its ability to mitigate moisture prevents the growth of mold on the system. Some building and organization codes require the use of fiberglass for HVAC systems and pipe-insulation products in order to keep mold under control. Also in case of thermal comfort, Patients in a hospital often wear little clothing depending on what they are suffering from. Most of them have little to no control over the clothes they wear and thus are unable to regulate temperatures in their bodies. HVAC systems are able to provide thermal comfort by regulating temperature in different spaces of the hospital. The staff members may also require a cooler area to relax their bodies after tiring activities.

Purified Air at Your Door Steps

It is important for Palm Beach residents to choose an air conditioner repair company after careful consideration. It must be a professional company that specializes in AC repair and replacement services. This type of company employs trained and experienced professionals who know how to complete the job effectively and within the time limit. The company must have the required licenses to operate in this business. A professional AC repair Palm Beach company carries trade specific insurance. If any damage is caused by the workers of the company then the damage claims are paid by the insurance company.

AC Repair Palm Beach Services

Problems with the AC

Any machine that is used regularly is bound to suffer wear and tear. The same is the case with any AC system. The moving parts of the air-conditioner wear out and start malfunctioning. The machine’s air duct becomes clogged. These problems not only reduce the AC efficiency; the system also starts consuming more than required power. This increases the electricity bill for the homeowner. If the defective part is not repaired or replaced on time then even well working parts start malfunctioning or stop working at their optimum level. Such problems can be avoided easily with regular professional maintenance. While a regular maintenance is helpful in extending the life of an AC system, sometimes AC repair Palm Beach becomes necessary even after implementing all preventative measures.

Recognizing the Problem and Finding Solution

There are many ways to recognize a problem in the AC. An unusual or more than the standard level of noise coming out of the machine is the first indicator of a problem. If the room is not cooling fast or sufficiently enough as it used to then there is need to check the machine. The problem may also occur if the machine has not been cleaned and maintained for a long time. Some homeowners think that a simple DIY maintenance would be sufficient. However, air conditioner is an electrical device that poses serious safety risks. It should never be handled by an untrained person. A professional repair worker working for the AC repair Palm Beach company clearly understands these risks. The professional uses appropriate safety gears and knows in and out of the system.

Time to Call a Professional AC Repair Company

Repair workers even carry general spare items so the job may be completed immediately. If a major component has worn out then it will require replacement. If the component must be procured from the AC repair service center then it may take some time. Usually, complex repair work is needed only if the machine has not been maintained properly. Homeowners can call an AC repair Palm Beach company now and receive the services immediately. Such a company also provides emergency services which is very useful for commercial centers.

Air conditioner is an important device that protects people from excessive heat. It allows home residents to live in a controlled and healthy environment. When there is need for any AC repair Palm Beach service then only a reliable and experienced company should be hired. It is a good idea to first check the company’s track record and whether it will be able to service the type of AC that needs repair. Repairing the AC is a cheaper option compared to replacing the old unit with a new one.